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We're pleased to present Flock Talk, a podcast for new students and their families. Each episode will introduce you to important resources and people at the University of Oregon to help you with your transition. From housing and roommates, to financial aid and scholarships, to changing roles and relationships, our episodes will keep you engaged in all aspects of the UO journey. We'll highlight timely higher education topics, such as stories related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and discuss themes directly related to the way we support first-year students.

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April 12, 2021

Class of 2025: A Taste Of What’s To Come



Tom Driscoll, Director of University Dining Services joins us on today’s episode to highlight the new dining options for fall 2021, as well as share how dining services supports student success. We also talk about meal plans, points, and catering to all dietary needs.


April 08, 2021

COVID Stories: Contracting For Continuity



Our episode today features Greg Shabram, Chief Procurement Officer at the UO. We’ll hear about the immediate purchases and contracts that Greg and his colleagues executed to ensure the UO’s continuity. You’ll get to hear some insights into how the University’s MAPs testing took shape and about the challenges involved in procurement of supplies.


April 05, 2021

Class of 2025: London Is Calling


Today we’re joined by Kate Mondloch, Professor of History of Art and Architecture, and Faculty in Residence in the Clark Honors College. Kate is also the faculty director of this summer’s pre-freshman program in London. We review the experience for students including what they’ll learn, where they’ll live, and when they’ll travel.


April 01, 2021

COVID Stories: University Health Services


Today we welcome Deb Beck, Assistant Vice President for Student Services and Enrollment Management and Executive Director of University Health Services. Deb shares more about the Corona Corps, the Care Team, and how the whole staff in University Health Services have experienced COVID-19. You’ll hear about new collaborations, the new ways UHS team members are delivering services to students, and how they see the future.



Cora BennettCora Bennett Director, Student Orientation Programs

Cora Bennett is the director of Student Orientation Programs and manages the student ambassador program and orientation events. Since joining the division she has grown the office to meet the ever-growing interest in the UO from prospective students and visitors. The programs she manages employ 80 students as ambassadors who present the UO experience to new Ducks as well as to more than 30,000 visitors each year. “I love the UO because it’s unlike any other place I’ve ever lived. People are warm and friendly, the campus environment is everything a university should be, and the pride and spirit the community has for the university is unmatched.”


Tiffany FritzTiffany Fritz Director, Parent and Family Programs

Tiffany Fritz is the director of Parent and Family Programs. She joined the team in January of 2018. In her previous role, she worked extensively to support students and their families through the first-year experience. She has a comprehensive background in academic advising, career exploration, student success, and residence life. She views parents and family members as crucial partners in promoting student success and looks forward to supporting you through this exciting time. Tiffany has earned a BA in liberal studies from California State University, Chico (2004) and a MEd in college student services administration from Oregon State University (2008).

Michael LunaMichael Luna Interim Coordinator, Welcome and Transition Experience

Michael Luna serves as the interim coordinator for welcome and transition experience at the University of Oregon. In his role, he serves as part of the leadership that designs and executes the experiences a part of the university’s on-campus programs such as Duck Preview, Duck Days and IntroDUCKtion, as well as the university’s off-site transition programs in various cities across the country. He works closely with campus partners as well as third-party companies to collaborate on concepts for events and programs, and determine the elements that best fit the theme and story of those events and programs. Michael completed his bachelor’s degree at the University of Oregon, where he studied public relations.